In the last 10 years Whiz Digital has been recognised as one of longest operating TV production companies in Western Australia. Since commencing operations Whiz has garnered a reputation as producers of high quality TV commercial production in Perth.

We work with Ad agencies and also direct with clients. We have produced over 4,000 TV commercials over the past 10 years. Our strength lies in our team of industry professional. At every level we collaborate with highly experienced people with a proven track record. Our “dream team” deliver the highest possible quality of work ensuring that our clients receive the best outcomes for their project.

We select the best team to work on your TV commercial. No two productions are the same. Different ideas need individual treatment. We design the perfect team to bring you project to fruition. We help you develop a budget that is inline with your aims. We need to develop a creative solution so that we maximise the outcome to fulfil or exceed your expectations.

Understanding your needs is vital. The first part of our job is getting to know what you expect this ad to achieve for you. We need to have a complete understanding of exactly what the outcomes you expect.  We need to build the creative to allow these expectations to be met.

I always ask my clients to tell me what their budget is. Some are happy to tell me, others can be more guarded.  The reality is that we can use creativity to fit the idea into a budget. Often a small budget can give rise to a big idea. It is always an interesting part of the process.

Cost of production versus media spend is another really important balance.

The media spend is usually going to exceed the cost of producing the ad. But there are a few things to consider. If the ad is going to run over a long period of time, at medium to high frequency, it needs to be highest possible production values. Also it needs to be entertaining, and/or highly informative. If not you risk annoying your clients and defeating the purpose of the campaign. We will help to make sure this doesn’t happen.

The balance between production cost and media spend can be a challenging equation, but not insurmountable. This is one area where our experience will be of most value to you.